Who we are

T-Biz has developed extensive commercial and technical knowledge of the international market of retailer payments. We have a strong personal network, a thorough understanding of and clear vision on the opportunities that are emerging, and are experts in the field of payment security, payment terminals and SEPA. For these reasons, we are well positioned to execute our Mission: to help international suppliers achieve success in developing and selling retailer payment solutions.

The last eight years T-Biz has been involved in project and application management for Issuance, Issuing, Acquiring, Clearing and Settlement applications. And helped achieving high availability, fraud reduction, reporting and up-to-date customer experience.
T-Biz has been founded in 2004 by Joen Dohmen and Bas Oberndorff.


Payment Security

Because of the imminent implementation of EMV and PCI internationally, many questions arise with respect to certification on EMV level 2 for ATM and POS, PCI, APACS, usage of tokenizers and banking accreditation. T-Biz has extensive knowledge on all these aspects, and is able to provide relevant consultancy.

Cash-In Cash-Out

T-Biz is involved in the development, testing and certification of vendor-independent applications on Cash-In and Cash-Out terminals, based on the industry-standard CEN/XFS, Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) XML specification and Windows 7.

Card Payment Transactions

Card Payment developments are rapidly moving from contact cards, to contactless, mobile and wallets. T-Biz understands Issuance and has detailed knowledge of developments involving card present and card not present transaction handling for both MasterCard and Visa.


Monitoring becomes more and more important for Acquiring & Issuing. The out-side world is challenging and monitoring is needed for daily insight on customers using their cards, system performance, fraud, POS and ATM. T-Biz experience is used by setting up monitoring for a Dutch bank to indicate issues that need to be addressed and detect fraud directly on a 24/7 basis.

Payment Terminals

T-Biz has a strong background in terminal architecture, and has developed soft- and hardware solutions for payment terminals and has extensive technical knowledge of all the components of the SyntiQ-Pay solution, also known as ITA.

Clearing & Settlement

Clearing & Settlement play an important role in the Acquiring and Issuing business. Retailers want to get their money in time and customers using their cards want to know exactly what they have spent or what amount has been reserved for a payment done.
Acquirers and Issuers want to match the settlement amounts with the clearing received. T-Biz has extensive knowledge on Clearing & Settlement and is able to provide relevant consultancy.

Debit, Prepaid, Credit and Wallet

T-Biz is involved in setting up Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Credit Cards and Wallets and arranges the steps from design of the cards, define card profiles, set-up of the personalisation, initiate and follow up certification (e.g. CPV, VPA), end-to-end demonstrations up to piloting.

Processing migration and new business

T-Biz has been involved and in the lead in succesful migrations in which Issuing (Credit and Debit) and ATM Acquiring was migrated from one processor to the other for different schemes including MasterCard, Visa Inc en Visa EU. A PrePaid card has been introduced successfully for the Dutch market.


Strategy & Market

Our strategy is to create and maintain solid partnerships with parties in the payment market and suppliers of key building blocks of retailer payment solutions, and jointly develop international business cases. The development of such business cases, which is the main focus of T-Biz, can be supported by our involvement in the technical development & operations of (part of) these solutions: consultancy, payment software maintenance & development and project management.

Card schemes, banks, transaction processors and other organizations are continuously introducing new (security) requirements and are chasing new business opportunities with respect to consumer payments, which pose retailers and merchants for the ongoing challenge to maintain a cost-effective, user-friendly and functional payment environment. Among these developments are EMV, which facilitates migration to chip-based banking cards, and SEPA, which aims to standardize payments in Europe. This market place, both on a domestic as well as on an international level, is competitive, complex and diverse, and ever-changing market requirements differ from country to country. T-Biz helps suppliers find and grab the exciting opportunities that emerge.

Business Development

T-Biz is capable of enabling suppliers of key components of payment solutions to sell their products successfully in other markets. The following activities could be part of such effort:

  • the exploration of the market
  • the identification of the opportunity
  • the analysis of a fitting solution for the opportunity
  • the analysis of the technical feasibility
  • the identification of the required solution components
  • the syndication of the partners capable of delivering such components

Business development could additionally include:

  • help with the technical integration of the solution components
  • help with preparing the product the solution for market introduction (including certification)
  • facilitate the commercial and support agreements between the partners

T-Biz could represent suppliers of payment software, terminals and/or processing systems.

Software development, maintenance and 3rd level support

T-Biz is capable of maintenance and development of payment software for back-office, ATM's, payment terminals and cash registers. 3rd level technical support can be provided on a consultancy basis with respect to ATM applications, payment terminal software, and (former) SyntiQ-Pay solution components, such as SyntiQ-Pay chip, SyntiQ Management and Download System (SMDS), Remote Customer Service System (RCSS).

Atos Yomani

Reference Cases

Our mission is to help partners achieve success in issuance, processing, issuing, acquiring and developing and selling retailer payment solutions.

Joen Dohmen, founder


T-Biz International is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Please feel free to contact us and send your enquiry.