• Wallets

  • Payment Terminals

  • Contactless Payments

  • Debit, Prepaid and Credit Cards

  • Payment Solutions

  • Clearing, Settlement & Reconciliation

  • Issuance, Issuing and Acquiring

Business Development

T-Biz is capable of enabling suppliers of key components of payment solutions to sell their products successfully in other markets. The following activities could be part of such effort:
  • the exploration of the market
  • the identification of the opportunity
  • the analysis of a fitting solution for the opportunity
  • the analysis of the technical feasibility
  • the identification of the required solution components
  • the syndication of the partners capable of delivering such components

Business development could additionally include:
  • help with the technical integration of the solution components
  • help with preparing the product the solution for market introduction (including certification)
  • facilitate the commercial and support agreements between the partners

T-Biz could represent suppliers of payment software, terminals and/or processing systems.