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Joen Dohmen

Joen has experience dating back to 1984 in system architecture, integration, testing and project management of large projects integrating off-the-shelf and embedded products. He acquired this expertise at large industrial companies and in the public sector. He then applied this knowledge and experience at Interpay Nederland BV, a company in which Dutch banks cooperate in (electronic) transaction processing, where he masterminded the ITA project (an innovative embedded system for payment terminals). In 2001, Interpay decided to spin-off the international activities of ITA into a new company called SyntiQ International. At SyntiQ, Joen became responsible for: the realization and production of the SyntiQ-Pay card (hardware and system software), security of SyntiQ-Pay, terminal developments, development of EMV applications and SyntiQ-Pay testing.
In 2006 Joen started working on the implementation of EMV for issuance, issuing, ATM acquiring and on ATM's for SNS Bank in the Netherlands. Including certification and security audits. After the implementation of EMV a number of processing migrations followed and the realization of improved security for card schemes, like e.g. PVV and CVV, dual issuing (Maestro and V PAY) and the implementation of contactless and wallet.

Joen holds a Master degree in Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology.