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Strategy & Market

Our strategy is to create and maintain solid partnerships with parties in the payment market and suppliers of key building blocks of retailer payment solutions, and jointly develop international business cases. The development of such business cases, which is the main focus of T-Biz, can be supported by our involvement in the technical development & operations of (part of) these solutions: consultancy, payment software maintenance & development and project management.

Card schemes, banks, transaction processors and other organizations are continuously introducing new (security) requirements and are chasing new business opportunities with respect to consumer payments, which pose retailers and merchants for the ongoing challenge to maintain a cost-effective, user-friendly and functional payment environment. Among these developments are EMV, which facilitates migration to chip-based banking cards, and SEPA, which aims to standardize payments in Europe. This market place, both on a domestic as well as on an international level, is competitive, complex and diverse, and ever-changing market requirements differ from country to country. T-Biz helps suppliers find and grab the exciting opportunities that emerge.